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Essential Management Skills

“CMD’s Essential Management Skills is an engaging program for managers who are just starting out and those who rose up through the ranks, but never received formal management training.  I found all of the class topics extremely relevant, packed with information, and full of tools I could use on the job.  The instructors made the classes very interactive so that we not only learned from their expertise, but also our classmates’ real-life experiences.  I’d highly recommend this program to anyone seeking a solid foundation in personnel management.”

Jeanine Nagrod, Executive Director - NJ PLACE

“To say just certain parts of this experience were noteworthy would be an understatement. I found the total curriculum to be outstanding. The instructors were top class and I especially enjoyed the interactions of my peers in all of the classes.   The experience has made me have better interpersonal skills that I never would have believed possible will never forget the staff that also made the experience complete.   In closing, thank you to Rutgers for providing a great experience in my continuing growth in management skills. These, as well as the staff and instructors, will stay with me throughout my career.”

Robert Eger - Brookhaven National Laboratory

Leadership Development

“The Leadership series provided an excellent opportunity to network with people from diverse organizations and gain knowledge from a variety of instructors that are experts in their fields.  I was able to bring back and use this knowledge immediately in my personal work environment.”

Linda Bolger - American Standard

“Probably the most lively, group oriented training in which I have been involved.”


Mini-MBA™: Digital Marketing

“The program was very well designed. The speakers’ passion and knowledge comes across very clearly in their delivery. Digital Marketing can be overwhelming at times but this course has given me the confidence to create effective strategies for our brands and our business. It has also provided me some quick tips and tricks to be better armed when I work with our agency partners. Personal branding is very important for our generation and this course taught us how to do it! I would recommend this course for all functions that engage with Digital activities at Novartis.”

Sneha Sharma - Global IT Digital Program Manager, Novartis

“The knowledge I gained during the past week is invaluable. I am excited about applying this information at my company, and even more excited about taking future courses at the CMD. Undoubtedly, the CMD provides a priceless learning experience for students while simultaneously, helping students to grow their careers.”

Marissa Tringali

“The Rutgers Mini-MBA in Digital Marketing was a great way to augment and enhance my current skills and knowledge-base.   Each module covered a different area of digital marketing, and the instructors  - each well regarded in their respective areas - imparted information that would have taken months to amass on my own, assuming I knew what to look for and where to look for it!  I believe that the knowledge I gleaned and the many resources that I was exposed to will open doors to me that I couldn't have opened on my own”

Shelley Young

Mini-MBA™: BioPharma Innovation

“The program helped me think outside the box in performing my daily tasks and enabled me to be a change leader in my current job and other functions that I move into. The lecturers kept the entire class active and captivated.”

Global Study Manager, Roche

Human Resource Functional Excellence

““RutgersCMD provides an excellent opportunity for HR and Non-HR professionals to enhance their skill set in a comfortable and progressive learning environment. The well-constructed programs offer practical and meaningful tools to add to one’s toolkit.””


Mini-MBA™: Finance Essentials

“Exactly what I was looking for. Provides practical material that corresponds directly with professional experience. Very engaging instructor, obviously an expert in subject content. Very clear, well presented.”