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I like asking workshop participants for their input on important leadership and teamwork content topics.  In-class “buzz group exercises” allow them to consider key questions, discuss and debate possible responses, and reach agreement.  I consider their output as evidence: real and valid input from people in organizations who have insights and opinions about leadership and teamwork.

“Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds.” – U.S. Navy SEAL saying

Now, I am not a Navy SEAL, but with 2 of my 3 children on the Autism Spectrum, my wife, Jeanine, and I have to use a team approach to deal with the daily trials and tribulations that arise. Families in our situation face multiple challenges such as learning issues, a barrage of medical therapies and numerous social complications.

Ok, so team leaders have important roles in helping teams achieve important results.  We can all agree on that.  And we might also agree that team leaders play a critical role in helping teams work well together so they can achieve performance results.  Ed Lawler, a well-known consultant and professor at the University of Southern California, has written, "To a very significant extent, a work team is only as effective as its group process."