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Social Network Dynamics

Do you feel like no one’s listening to you on Twitter? If so, you’re not alone. The reality is that unless you’ve got a huge personal brand because you’re a celebrity, politician or spokesperson for something important, no one’s waiting for your Tweets. To get people to listen to you on Twitter, you must build your Twitter following. Show someone’s home

By Mark W. Schaefer In almost every class I teach, really smart people are struggling with this question ... “Should my company have a Facebook page?” It's not an easy answer. Facebook is an important, dominant social media platform. To many people, it's not just a website, Facebook is a lifestyle!

Jennifer Evans Laycock is Founder and President of SugarSpun Marketing, and as a social media strategist has made a career out of finding unique and creative ways to connect with consumers without spending a fortune in marketing dollars.  She is an adjunct faculty member for Rutgers CMD and will be teaching in the upcoming ONLINE Mini-MBA: Social Media Marketing.

1. It’s real time.
2. It’s self correcting.
3. It instantly connects you to millions of people around the globe.
4. It never sleeps.
5. It connects you to hundreds, if not thousands, of relief agencies.

A practicing attorney and social media strategist, Glen Gilmore is an adjunct professor at the Rutgers University Center for Management Development, where he teaches “Social Media and the Law” and “Privacy and Security in Digital Marketing”.