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ROI and Measurement of Digital Marketing

For a long time, advertisers and their agencies have been trying to achieve greater synergies and efficiencies in their marketing by "integrating" tactics across channels. For example, adding URLs to TV ads, QR codes to print ads, unique 800 numbers for radio ads, etc. Integrating is definitely better than not integrating. But the problems of measurement and attribution could not be solved because the metrics were different in each channel and not easily correlated and multiple marketing touchpoints could be the "cause" of a single customer action.

Highlights from Digital is a Philosophy:

One of the most exciting parts of my job at Rutgers is exploring the intersection between marketing and other academic disciplines. Often the most innovative marketing concepts and ideas live on these interdisciplinary boundaries. One such example is neuroscience and marketing. Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system, and understanding how the brain functions. Advances in functional MRI ("frmri") techniques have made the economics feasible to begin to allow researchers from other disciplines to apply these tools and techniques to their inquiries, including the field of marketing.