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The Art of Transitioning Up

By Dr. Lucille Maddalena

During a recent workshop on THE ART OF TRANSITIONING UP, a manager shared his concern with the group:


Job Transitions

By Dr. Lucille Maddalena

A coaching colleague recently hired a guest speaker to motivate and recharge the batteries of his business coaching team. They work daily with professionals and their leadership challenges.

Kathy Cramer of the Cramer Institute shared her Asset-based vs. Deficit-based Model with them.

Here's what she asked those coaches:  How do you process your day on the ride home?

According to a Gallup poll, over 60% of workers are not truly engaged in what they do, and the same percentage would change careers if they could. If that poll is accurate, why are so many people terrified of changing jobs? And when it is your opportunity to change jobs –are you a WORRIER or a WARRIOR?

 I read Charles Wheelan’s 4/27/12 Wall Street Journal online article 10 Things Your Commencement Speaker Won’t Tell You. Three of them especially hit home not only for graduates but also for careerists in mid career.

Are you preparing to start a new job, perhaps as a result of a promotion, internal change, relocation or beginning with a new company? The manner in which you position yourself on those first few days will carry with you for a long time, so be smart and plan ahead.

Rutgers Day is a chance for the public to experience New Jersey’s state university first hand one day a year.  Always the last Saturday in April, this year the 4th Annual Rutgers Day is April 28.  This event takes place on the following Rutgers campuses in New Brunswick:  Busch, College Avenue, Cook, and Douglass.  You’ll find the Rutgers Center for Management Development (CMD) in the Busch Campus Center.  We have a family-oriented activity planned for 10 a.m.

Doing your due diligence regarding your potential/existing reporting manager is critical to the success of your career.

Rutgers CMD Leadership & Career Coach Donna Coulson trains high-potential leaders, speaks to college students and transitions corporate leaders into new fields. Here are 5 career strategies for 2012.

1. Know the Difference between a Career Track and an Interim Job or Internship