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Mini-MBA™: Social Media for Non-Profit Leaders and Public Officials

Program Overview

Social Media initiatives are transforming the nature of government and redefining servant leadership roles by enabling unprecedented transparency, communication, and collaborative community development.   Using Social Media in the public sector comes with unique challenges.  The most successful strategies are goal based, aligned with objectives from the start, and employ media channels appropriate to their audience and desired outcomes. Social Media expands the potential to serve and provides citizen-centric communication with constituents. Progressive Public and Elected Officials, Academic Leaders and Non-Profit Executives will embrace this opportunity with skill, digital knowledge and enthusiasm.

In this spirit of transformation, we have incorporated cutting-edge digital technology into our teaching approach for this program –supplying all participants with their own Apple® iPad™, containing the pre-loaded program materials.

This 9 module program will present a new citizen-centric communication model that will engage, serve and connect constituents through social media channels.  Through case studies, interactive sessions and class exercises, participants will learn about the latest research and best practices.  Topics that will be covered include social media strategies, mobile engagement, economic development, micro blogging, community engagement, emergency management, disaster preparedness and disaster recovery, open innovation, measurement and ROI tracking, and multichannel integration.

Space is limited - Contact us immediately regarding discounts for non-profit organizations and corporate sponsorships.

This program has been approved by the New Jersey Department of Labor for workforce training grants. Funding may be available for those receiving unemployment benefits. Contact us for more information.


For more information, please contact Jackie Scott via email or call 732-640-1855.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for Public and Elected Officials, Academic Leaders and Non-Profit Executives looking to embrace this revolutionary medium, or anyone in the public sector who is responsible for developing a social media plan and framework for their organization.

Program Benefits

This Mini-MBA certificate program will allow you to integrate digital marketing and social media strategies and provide a solid grasp of the core concepts to improve constituent services, economic development, and create a social media plan.   It includes 9 modules that cover all aspects of Internet marketing and social media marketing.

Key topics include:

  • Analyzing Social Media opportunities and risks in the public sector
  • Understanding how to engage, listen, respond, and empower constituents
  • Evaluating the power and levers of social networks
  • Designing and measuring viral programs
  • Integrating online and offline communication strategies
  • Maximizing community engagement through social media tools and strategies
  • Developing disaster recovery emergency management solutions
  • Exploring new technologies to create innovative communities and drive economic development


The Rutgers Mini-MBA™: Social Media for Public Officials certificate features an innovative learning environment, including customized iPad-delivered content in 3.5 hour modules.

Topics may include:

Social Media Strategies

  • Build deep citizen-centric relationships and enhance your organizations online presence through the latest tools, techniques and Social Media strategies 

Mobile Engagement

  • Discover the powerful reach and exciting advancements in mobile technology including geo-targeted notifications and augmented reality

Emergency Management and Social Media

  • Leverage digital media in the event of an emergency and integrate social media channels with public input into the system to develop and improve real time response rates in crisis situations

Digital Transformations and Leadership

  • Understand the theory behind Social Media and how it represents a radical shift from traditional communications

Economic Development - Socialnomics

  • Explore how to utilize Social Media to promote economic development, tourism and redevelopment.

Privacy and Security Issues with Social Media

  • Examine the concepts of privacy and security in the field of Social Media

Listening Channels in Social Media

  • Master the use of listening posts and online analytics to monitor, engage and empower the new digital audience

Social Sharing of Video

  • Understand the critical means of engaging and informing constituents of important announcements, public service broadcasts and news

ROI Measurement of Social Media Strategies

  • Learn Google analytics to measure constituent traffic, analyze successful incoming campaigns and learn from visitor traffic patterns

Online PR Strategies

  • Analyze how traditional press releases differ from digital releases and how to optimize and track online results.

Building your Social Media Toolkit

  • Explore tools and tactics such as micro blogging sites for “real time” updates such as weather related announcements, snow removal, delayed openings and more: Improving constituent services and relations with Social Media

Community Engagement

  • Develop a vibrant and connected community of constituents through Social Media channels