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During a recent graduation speech for a custom Mini-MBA: Digital Marketing program delivered at a fortune 100 company, the senior global VP in charge of all global marketing recommended to the 40 executives that they “be brave”. She continued that senior management was not likely to explicitly bless new initiatives nor provide clear and concise directions. Her advice was that they take the learning and skills gained in the program and be brave by implementing them in the face of this ambiguity and uncertainty.

Each week, Professor Jessica Methot meets with approximately 80 Rutgers undergraduate students in Lucy Stone Hall, where she shares the tools and techniques needed to strategically manage employees in her Introduction to Human Resource Management class. While Professor Methot enjoys the engaging teacher-student dialogue and insightful questions that come with leading the popular course, she was once faced with a difficult challenge, one that plagues many instructors within today’s tech-oriented society—how to curtail social loafers.

What a great moment for Rutgers, Social Media and the RU sports program. Proud to be part of the team!!

We are looking forward to using the iPad2 in our upcoming mobile marketing course. While disappointed that it does not have flash, we are excited about developing an augmented reality app with the cameras and expanding the learning experiences beyond the traditional boundaries of the classroom. Interested in hearing others suggestions and ideas here.

One of the most exciting parts of my job at Rutgers is exploring the intersection between marketing and other academic disciplines. Often the most innovative marketing concepts and ideas live on these interdisciplinary boundaries. One such example is neuroscience and marketing. Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system, and understanding how the brain functions. Advances in functional MRI ("frmri") techniques have made the economics feasible to begin to allow researchers from other disciplines to apply these tools and techniques to their inquiries, including the field of marketing.