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The "Who Am I Abyss" in Job Transitions

April 9, 2013

The ‘WHO AM I ABYSS’ in Job Transitions By Dr. Lucille Maddalena For better or worse, we are often defined by the job we do. One area of the change cycle, as explained by Dr. Rosebeth Moss Kanter, is the time between depression and acceptance, when we are most susceptible to question who we are and how we are valued.  It is at this point that we may feel we are in limbo -- unattached to that important life cord – passing through time and events with a part of our identity missing.  She...

Leadership for a new Season

March 22, 2013

Leadership Spring 2013 By Kathleen B. Cashman, President Cashman Consulting LLC As we begin this new season where Leadership will undoubtedly be looked for on an even grander scale, what does a leader need to do to approach to be ready – ready for anything. . . The first thing I would recommend is a leadership mindset checklist.  Are you ready to think like a leader needed in spring 2013?  Here are a few things from this check list: Are you clear on what you want to become this season?  Most...

Time Management - Labels Make a Difference in Classifying Your Priorities

January 14, 2013

The first time I presented a workshop on managing time was more than 30 years ago. The basic principles remain immutable: know your goals, identify the work that has to be done to achieve your objectives, prioritize the tasks and activities, then implement the plan on a daily basis (the really hard part). The basic tools and techniques also remain the same from creating an annual plan, to creating the daily “to do” list, to keeping a time log to identify time use patterns and time wasters. So,...

Be the Change you want to See

December 20, 2012

Be The Change You Want to See Change Management and Leadership for an Agile World We all are confronted with change in our world. Be it in our private life, professional environment or society around us. Technology and new ways of communicating and collaborating are opening doors of opportunities, but are also questioning our expertise and proven ways of doing our job. We often can see or at least sense these change opportunities and know they can move us forward.  However, the change also...

Leadership Development through CMD

December 6, 2012

I’m really pleased to be an instructor for Rutgers CMD.  The workshop content I deliver is always fun to explore with attendees; we get into interesting discussions and they are always active participants.  Some of the most exciting discussions come in two workshops I facilitate: The Challenge of Leadership in the Leadership Development Series and Leadership: 360° Self Diagnostic in the Mid-Management Development curriculum. Both of these workshops look at the role of the leader and help...

Seaside Coaching Revisited after Super Storm Sandy

November 20, 2012

Living in Belmar between the ocean and famous “E” Street has been a joy. This beautiful environment inspired me to write an article, “Seaside Coaching,” a few years after I began exclusively practicing Executive Coaching.  It was at a time when my Coaching clients first began to ask to meet me at the shore instead of their offices.  During coaching sessions addressing complex management issues, I often introduce relaxation techniques taken from the Tao and yoga:  I should not have been...

To Google, or Not to Google?

November 14, 2012

The 21st century has put a new twist on the age-old networking question: Should you do research before attending an event or meeting a person? With the internet at our fingertips, we have the ability to learn almost anything about a person before even shaking their hand. Some experts will advise you to learn everything possible before meeting someone. They tell you to find them on Linked In, google their name, and search for their bio on the company website. I understand that this can make an...

Everyday Leaders

November 7, 2012

With so much research, thinking, and writing on the topic of leadership, I sometimes wonder if we are getting any closer to really understanding it? I wonder if ordinary people recognize that they have the capacity to be leaders too? Then along comes a force of nature, superstorm Hurricane Sandy, and we get a very clear idea of leadership in action. For example, look at the Spanish club students at Franklin Township High School in Somerset, New Jersey, who noticed that gasoline was getting...

Agile marketing is about doing it wrong quickly

November 2, 2012

  How many times have you sat in a conference room, sifting every last detail of the proposal? And how many times have you spent hours (or weeks) building consensus? Oh, and how many times must an executive approve before they call it a plan? The answer, my friend, is not blowing in the wind. But I bet it is blowing your budget. And draining your profits. And frustrating everyone no end. The Tyranny of Doing It Right What causes seemingly sane people to work this hard to get every last thing...

Tracking the Social Media Storm with #HurricaneSandy

October 29, 2012

  If Social Media is really an extension of of minds, I'd like to believe we all have the ability to "think Social" using the right side and the left side of our brains.  While a great deal of people perceive "Social" as purely an outlet for right brain activities such as sharing jokes, great restaurant reviews, recipes, music, photos and family updates.  Hurricane Sandy will reveal an incredibly powerful, knowledgable and more analytical left of the brain side activities. Over the past 48...