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February 2012

I’ve met many people who think networking is a chore – that it’s just something they have to do in order to be successful and make the “right” connections.   Others may find it easy, but sometimes find the interactions feel superficial.  Perhaps a change in mindset and approach can resolve both these dilemmas – a Relationship Networking approach.

Doing your due diligence regarding your potential/existing reporting manager is critical to the success of your career.

Rutgers CMD Leadership & Career Coach Donna Coulson trains high-potential leaders, speaks to college students and transitions corporate leaders into new fields. Here are 5 career strategies for 2012.

1. Know the Difference between a Career Track and an Interim Job or Internship

On the social networking site LinkedIn, the group discussions provide an interesting insight in the diversity of perspectives and opinions. Just a few days ago, Yogesh Bosmiya, the leader of an Indian property development company, posted the following question on the ”Leaders & Thinkers” discussion group: