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October 2011

For a long time, advertisers and their agencies have been trying to achieve greater synergies and efficiencies in their marketing by "integrating" tactics across channels. For example, adding URLs to TV ads, QR codes to print ads, unique 800 numbers for radio ads, etc. Integrating is definitely better than not integrating. But the problems of measurement and attribution could not be solved because the metrics were different in each channel and not easily correlated and multiple marketing touchpoints could be the "cause" of a single customer action.

Today everyone wants to know - will Amazon or Google take over the ecommerce space in its entirety? Does the pure play or the multi channel retailor have a chance at competing for customers in this digital world? When you look at the landscape, Amazon is doing what Walmart did offline- move into a community, create this huge store, and effectively close down any mom and pop that is out there. In essence, Walmart is using its huge buying power to undercut everyone else’s process and effectively put us all out of business.

By Mark W. Schaefer In almost every class I teach, really smart people are struggling with this question ... “Should my company have a Facebook page?” It's not an easy answer. Facebook is an important, dominant social media platform. To many people, it's not just a website, Facebook is a lifestyle!

I talk to folks about social media all the time. One of the things that I notice right away is the fear. Most people are worried that they don’t know what to do in social media. They are afraid that they will make a mistake. That they will say the wrong thing. Or, they fear that they don’t know what to say at all–even that they have nothing to say. All these fears are real and you might be experiencing some of them yourself, but you don’t need to.